Andy Carter – Commerce Township, MI


I use hand tools, power tools and wood collected from dead and fallen trees. I am captivated by the colors, patterns and textures I find in the logs and branches I use.




Tim Gralewski -


A reflection of contemporary life, focused on the positive and emotional impact of the viewer. The subject matter comes from memories, thoughts and ideas that have affected and influenced my life.  My work exists in the fine line between graphic design and fine art. I find inspiration in challenging what we normally consider art and design to be.

Alec LaCasse – Leonard, MI -


Found stone and wood are primary mediums.  Gouges, chisels, knives and carbide burrs are used when working with wood and stone. For the alabaster, a traditional mallet is used with pointy, flat and rake chisels, to bring out the intrinsic spirit hidden inside.


Kelley Skillin - Sterling Heights, MI

Fabric/Fiber Leather

Utilizing modern and vintage fabrics, Kelley’s items are created to combine practicality and whimsy. From the bricks in her doorstops to the fabric on her pillows – the materials are upcycled and transformed into creations that add flair to any home or workspace.